Instagram reels are a powerful way to connect with your audience, reach new users, and boost engagement for your Instagram profile.  Making use of new Instagram features as soon as they are introduced fine tunes your marketing strategy. It takes some time to figure out a new type of content, but it can give incredible results for your business or services. With reels, you can increase Instagram engagement and reach when you use reels hashtags strategically. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are similar to TikTok; with Instagram reels, users can create short 15-second videos that are entertaining, educational, engaging, or inspiring. Additionally, you can use a ton of editing effects, filters, texts, and audio to make your videos pop on the Instagram explore page. 

Once you upload reels, you can share them to your main feed or Instagram stories, or you can DM your followers so that people can like, share, save and comment on your reels. People can “Remix” your reels and use them as part of their own reel. 

Why Should You Use Instagram Reels Hashtags

Like you do for other content, adding hashtags for your reels is more essential. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your reels, but I recommend using 5 to 10 highly relevant, strategic, and targeted reels hashtags instead. 

Make sure to choose hashtags that people are searching for to attract a new audience to your profile. But, if you are still not getting the engagement you want, you can search for ways on how to get likes on Instagram reels to boost your video reach instantly. 

Using relevant hashtags in Instagram reels will increase the chance to show your content at the top of the popular hashtags and boost your video visibility and engagement among a wider audience. Adding SEO-based keywords in content is another effective way to find the right people for your content. Instagram Algorithm 

How Many Reels Hashtags Should I Use?

The truth is there is no set number of reels hashtags that every user should use on Instagram. When it comes to your brand or business, tracking analytics is key to finding the right hashtags for your content. 

If your Instagram account is small, it is an excellent idea to use 30 hashtags when you post reels. Use the targeted and most relevant hashtag to reach as many followers as possible to grow your audience and business.

But to get better results, you need to test in two ways. First, use all the 30 hashtags in your reels, and next, use highly curated hashtags. Find which performs well and take that to build a successful Instagram reels hashtags strategy. Always choose a high-quality hashtag to boost your reel’s engagement and reach. 

How To Choose The Perfect Hashtags?

Selecting the right hashtags is a key to skyrocket your profile reach and awareness. First, you must pay attention to three main categories of hashtags from Instagram reels. 

  • Relevant to your account and business
  • Target to specific Instagram reels
  • To reach your ideal client and customers

Note these categories; under each category, do some research and try to find medium and large hashtags for each reel. Most importantly, your reels hashtags should be used in your reels caption and not used in comments. 

Monitor Analytics And Evaluate Hashtags

Once you find the right hashtags for your reels, you can start using them. But that is not the end of making an effective hashtags strategy for your Instagram reels. You need to track your metrics to check how your hashtags perform. Do this monthly to reach success for your brand or business and increase your popularity among a wider audience. 

Final Words

Instagram reels hashtags have the power to drive a lot of traffic to your profile and boost engagement. These valuable tips will help you to understand how to use hashtags in Instagram reels to improve engagement and reach a new audience.