How to Get More Instagram Followers in 13 Easy Steps

1. Increase your output of material

That’s another reason Instagram Stories are so helpful. You may “skip the line” and go straight to the top of people’s feeds by posting spontaneous material in the form of Stories. Plus, you may publish Stories at will, without worrying about annoying your readers.

It’s clear from this that Instagram’s content cycle is substantially shorter now than it was a year or two ago. Brands need to speed up if they want to survive. Make sure you have a thorough plan and are using data to develop more successful content that your audience will adore. To find out more about how we can help you market on Instagram, please feel free to download our strategy guide.

2. Share your Instagram content on other platforms.

The time and thought put into taking a great photo and coming up with a funny caption should not be wasted.

To maximise the value of your Instagram profile, it is common practise to share posts to other social media sites.

Instagram content, for instance, may be promoted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase its exposure.

Optimal Send periods in Sprout further streamlines the process by allowing you to publish content at peak engagement periods.

3. Third, create material with readers in mind.

Instagram may be used to make purchases, but its primary function is to facilitate the sharing of personal experiences.

Selfies, customer snaps, and pictures of things being used in natural surroundings have shown their worth on Instagram. Instagram’s popularity stems in large part from the fact that it allows businesses to advertise in a more subtle, personable manner, rather than constantly inundating their followers with calls to action to “BUY NOW!”

In a similar vein, this is why customer images and other forms of user-generated material are such a treasure trove for businesses. People on Instagram like it when businesses recognise them, and customer photographs are powerful marketing evidence that shows others enjoy using your products.

4. Try out different branded and industry-specific hashtags.

Every business, no matter how large or small, should start using a hashtag to mobilise their audience and promote their brand. It’s not need rocket science to accomplish this.

They, in turn, promote their own postings using the tag, adding to the thousands of dedicated followers who already do so on a natural basis for the brand.

Instagram promotion should extend beyond the use of your own hashtags to include industry-specific community hashtags like #6strings (music) or #unicornhair (beauty). Adding more tags to your posts makes them instantly more discoverable to those who follow those tags.

5. Whenever possible, label businesses, fans, and places.

You may ask to be mentioned by other accounts by tagging them in your posts. A relevant tag is a subtle approach to boost promotion, as alerts ding anybody who gets them.

Include location tags, too! If you own a brick-and-mortar store or often attend events, you may expand your base of prospective customers by posting about your whereabouts.

6. Put your Instagram photos and videos online.

Displaying Instagram posts on a website is a smart move for driving more sales. Why? Because it’s obvious that consumers are happy with the company when they witness its items being used in real life. Seeing a product “in the wild” aids consumers in visualising and understanding it for themselves.

7. Establish your unique identity

Having a specific focus can help you generate ideas for your Instagram posts and set you out from the pack.

8. Reach more people by collaborating with influential people.

Influencer marketing, in its simplest form, comprises forming a financial partnership with another Instagram profile that already has a sizable and active following. It’s excellent if an influencer’s audience is similar to yours, or at least gives you access to a previously unreachable subset of customers.

9. Evaluate your product presentations and advertising strategies.

This is a helpful hint, however it’s not really complex. When executed properly, this type of Instagram marketing is related to the other type of Instagram promotion where you provide exciting prizes or sale products.

In these situations, promoting your Instagram requires you to offer your material as essential viewing.

10. Put on a contest or give something away.

You may have noticed that content relating to contests and giveaways from numerous businesses gets a ridiculous amount of interaction. Contests on social media, if executed well, may increase exposure and build a loyal fan base, but they often draw freebie-hunters. If you’re not sure if competitions are something you want to commit to for the long haul, we suggest launching a one-time campaign on Instagram.

11. Make your profile as marketable as possible

“Looking the part” is crucial as you figure out how to advertise your Instagram account to gain new admirers and followers.

This is also true for companies who want to increase their exposure without paying for ads.

12. Use Instagram’s newest functions, like Stories, to your advantage

However, originality is still valued while telling Stories. Instagram’s Stories feature often takes centre stage among the app’s newest additions. Examples of innovative forms of engagement between companies and their fans on Instagram include the Quiz sticker and other interactive stickers.

13. Try a sponsored advertising campaign

After all, the social media landscape is shifting towards a pay-to-play model. Instagram’s eye-catching advertising alternatives are available as part of Facebook’s extraordinarily comprehensive ad platform.