Buyer’s Journey Social Media KPIs

The “buyer’s journey” describes the sequence of activities that leads up to a purchase decision. There are five stages in the customer’s journey: contemplation, research, purchase, and advocacy. There should be a different social media strategy for each phase, as each phase has its own goals. This is a common goal for marketers, and many

2023 Will Be The Year When Marketers Start Paying Attention To Generation Z, With Money Shifting To TikTok And A More Unfiltered Approach To Creativity.

When members of Generation Z began to enter the workforce and early adulthood in 2022, advertisers shifted their emphasis to this new demographic, replacing some of their previous efforts to target millennials. The cultural impact of the Millennial Generation Generation Z has had a significant impact on the development of several internet subcultures, including memes

TikTok Marketing: An Ultimate Guide

When TikTok overtook Google as the most-visited website in the world last year, it almost brought the entire network to its knees. Fast-growing video-sharing social media app with 1 billion monthly users and 2 billion total downloads. Almost half of all users have bought something because they saw it on TikTok (as evidenced by the