Instagram has introduced Reels as a counter to TikTok. Instagram Reels are a special kind of vertical video that users may find in a dedicated section of the app called “Reels,” rather than in their main feed.

Similar to TikTok, the structure of Reels allows viewers to endlessly scroll over video material. Unlike TikTok’s remarkable 10-minute duration, Reels now have a 90-second limit.

There are a tonne of ways to personalise your Instagram Reel so that it stands out from the crowd and becomes a hit with viewers, such as:

  • Filters, effects, and stickers to enhance your video in real time or after the fact.
  • An Instagram-based collaborative app for making highlight reels with your friends.
  • Collections of tunes and sounds that include contemporary hits and radio favourites
  • Narration and voice modulation from text
  • Affects with a green screen

Advertisements on Instagram using Reels?

Your Instagram Reels ad will appear next to consumers’ organic Reels content in their normal feeds, so it won’t bother them as they browse. Ads for Instagram’s Reels feature appear on the app’s main feed, Stories, the Reels tab, and Explore.

Improved Spins

Instagram now released a “Boost” feature just for Reels. As a result of this update, your Reels may now be used as advertisements, increasing your exposure and perhaps bringing in new clients.

It’s simple to make a Boosted Reel; just choose an existing Reel to Boost or make a new Reel and select the “Boost” option.

Starting an Ad Campaign on Instagram

Learn the simple steps to getting your Instagram Reels advertising campaign up and running.

Make use of Ads Manager to build your Reel

Instagram’s Ad Manager is required to begin an Instagram Reels advertising campaign. You should not worry if the company designation appears on your account. If not, go into your account settings and choose the “Professional” profile type.

After it is completed, go to the Reels maker option to start making your commercial. The next step is to create your Reel by recording it and adding subtitles.

Set your campaign’s parameters and objectives

The first step of every successful advertising strategy is to define your objectives. Select the goals you wish to achieve with your Instagram Reels advertising campaign and provide other data like as budget and intended audience.

Run the Ad and Pick a Call to Action

Click “Manual Placements” and then select “Instagram Reels” from the drop-down menu to launch your newly crafted Instagram Reels advertisement. This will put your Reel in the feeds of people as an advertisement.

Also, select a call-to-action that fits your ad.

Improving Instagram Highlight Reels

We’ve started advertising on Instagram, but how can we promote a Reel?

An Instagram highlight reel may be promoted in as few as three simple steps. You can get more people to watch your Instagram Reel by following just three easy steps. Read on for more tips on how to promote your Instagram Reel.

In the beginning
There are several requirements that must be met before a Reel may be promoted:

  • All reels must be under 60 seconds in length.
  • Filmed in a vertical orientation (or with a 9:16 aspect ratio) for optimal viewing.
  • Must not use any third-party GIFs, camera effects, or interactive stickers that infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights.
  • Not previously posted on Facebook. Pick the reel you’d want to power up.
  • To promote a specific Reel, head to your profile’s Reels grid and click on it. To access your Reel’s settings, click the three dots located in the upper right corner of the interface, then click the blue “Boost Reel” icon.

Tell us more about the Reel campaign you’re running.
After clicking through, you’ll be sent to a page where you may specify the finer points of the ad, such as its intended audience, daily budget, and length of run, among other things.

Send in your Enhanced Reel for critique

Click “Next,” and then “Boost Reel,” to submit your Reel for evaluation if you’re happy with the ad’s logistics on Instagram.

In order to ensure that your promoted Reel adheres to Instagram’s ad guidelines, it must be inspected. Have no fear. Throughout the evaluation, you will be updated regularly.

After submitting your ad for evaluation, as well as throughout the review process, upon approval, and at the conclusion of your campaign, you will receive an update in your Activity Feed.

Tips for Successful Instagram Ads

When creating your Reels campaign, keep these recommended practises for Instagram Reels advertising in mind.

Make your advertisement appear natural

A “salesy” Instagram Reels ad won’t go as well as a more natural one. Make sure that your ad for Reels reads just like regular material. This will make your Reels advertisements noticeable without drawing undue attention to itself.

A naturalistic advertisement on Reels fits in with the rest of the information in a user’s feed, but it’s still obvious that it’s an advertisement towards the conclusion. This is less annoying for users and may lead to more people clicking on ads.

Keep abreast on the most recent developments

Do what the people want you to do! Follow the information that other people are sharing to get a sense of what’s currently trending.

Maintaining a sense of freshness and relevance in your content is something shoppers seek for in a company they’re considering buying from.

Keep it brief and to the point

The goal of any video used for marketing purposes should be to convey its message as rapidly as feasible.

Create a plan to keep your Reels advertising under 60 seconds in duration. If you spend time and work creating a great video that is slightly above the time limitations for boost eligibility, your efforts will be wasted.