You have a fantastic chance to advertise your business and sell your goods on Instagram, which has one billion monthly active users and a potential reach of about 849.3 million. Instagram buying removes the need for you to send them somewhere online to make a purchase. You’d be stupid not to take advantage of the viral potential of video marketing to spread the word about your business.

When do you use shoppable videos?

A consumer may go straight from watching a video about a product in their feed to buying it using shoppable videos. We all know that video has a huge influence on consumers, and when you combine that with the reach of social media, you have a recipe for success with your Instagram video ad.

Tags are the most important part of selling on Instagram. You may improve your customer’s experience and increase your conversion rate while using the Instagram shopping cart by posting a video ad and adding a shoppable sticker to the video.

For your shoppable video, you have several’stickers’ to pick from, including a shopping bag symbol, the product name in rainbow or grey, and transparent text. A client may learn more about the item and how to buy it by clicking on the sticker and being sent to a separate website.

If you can just share a picture, why not?
The majority of Instagram users now prefer viewing videos than looking at photos. In fact, videos account for 18% of all app postings and receive almost 3x as much interaction as sponsored photographs.

You may be wondering why your company should include Instagram shopping videos in their video marketing plan.
How interesting! However, we believe the more pertinent query is why wouldn’t they?

Customers want an emotional connection with a brand during interactions because it aids in their subconscious evaluation of the product’s worth. You may better express your brand’s narrative and establish a rapport with your customers by using shoppable films into your marketing strategy.

How to maximise revenue with a shoppable video?

Provide captivating images

Instagram is built around pictures. Create films that are both entertaining and informative, showcasing your brand’s character via spectacular settings and excellent production values.

Watch this entertaining Instagram commercial for Hollister Co. View it on your mobile device to observe how they implement the shopping connections.

Make them natural

Having your brand’s voice heard requires you to be genuine. Customers are savvy and will quickly scroll over any attempt at a hard pitch. Create a shopping video ad that blends in with your other content rather than standing out as obviously promotional.

Concise but powerful

Use Clipchamp’s video editing features to shorten your video ad to the appropriate length, and put your most eye-catching logos and images in the front. Suggestion: demonstrate how the product works.

Irreproachable thumbs

Users may prevent ads from automatically playing in their stream, so it’s up to you to create an engaging thumbnail for your shopping video.

Perform split-testing

It’s a good idea to make several variations of your shopping video ad, each with a unique storyline and set of featured items. Then, with the help of A/B testing, you can determine which version is preferred by your audience.

Mobile-friendliness should always be a top priority

Since the great majority of Instagram users only use the mobile app, it stands to reason that you would want to optimise your shoppable videos for mobile by selecting the appropriate video size. Make sure to use an excellent camera and the MP4 format while creating your films.

Include hash tags

Hashtags are a must for all of your posts, including videos. Using hashtags improves your video’s discoverability, and they may even get you included on Instagram’s ‘Explore’ page, where it can be viewed by the half-a-billion-plus users that visit the shop tab every month.

Make an effort to include everyone

Keep in mind that there were over a billion users! That’s a wide variety of people, so if you’re selling something, like clothes, make sure the models represent a wide range of shapes, sizes, and cultures.
Create a personalised shopping ad for Instagram.

Now that you know everything you need to know about creating a very successful Instagram shopping ad and have seen some amazing examples, you can get started right now. Clipchamp’s free online video editor and Instagram video ad creator are here to help you generate polished, powerful, shoppable video advertising.