The use of video in social media posts attracts more views and increases interaction.

This claim is supported by strong statistical evidence. The Word’s research shows that videos outperform other content formats in terms of social media views and conversions.

About 25% of Instagram ads are videos, and 250 million people each day watch Instagram’s video Stories. Instagram users’ video consumption increased by 80% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Not just that, but also. On every social network, video advertisements perform the best. Video commercials have a higher level of trust from consumers (36%), and they also have a higher level of engagement (22%).
Instagram has made it simple for publishers and advertisers to use video. Posts, Live, Stories, and IGTV are just some of the ways that video may be shared on the site.

This article is for you if you need a reliable and up-to-date resource for making and posting high-quality videos on Instagram.

Instagram: How to Make and Share Videos

Now that you know why it’s a good idea to upload videos to Instagram, we can reveal the greatest part.

Professional-quality movies may be made without the help of a trained filmmaker or a large budget. You can make professional-looking videos for your feed using only your phone’s camera and certain video editing tools.

Instagram’s Various Video Formats and Their Technical Specifications

Instagram has progressed past its “blink and miss” video restriction. You may now make immersive long-form videos that are up to an hour in length. Video effects, stickers, notes, and “See More” buttons that connect viewers to external websites are all great ways to make your films more interesting and interactive.

Here we’ll examine the most popular Instagram video formats.

Brands and marketers have found a lot of success with Instagram Stories, particularly video stories. They’re enjoyable, exciting, and financially rewarding. Making your Stories shoppable is a great way to not only share your brand’s narrative but also increase revenue.
Data Sheets:

  • MP4 is the file type.
  • Time of video: 1 second to 15 seconds.
  • Directions: 90 degrees each to the vertical and horizontal
  • 4:5 and 9:16 are the ideal aspect ratios.

How to Make and Distribute Video Narratives?

To access the feed, either tap the symbol or swipe left.

Keep the symbol down to begin recording a video. Normal, Superzoom, Boomerang, Hands-free, or Rewind are the options that may appear when you first turn on your camera. To submit a previously recorded video, simply swipe anywhere on the screen. If the length of the video you upload is greater than 15 minutes, the surplus will be cut into shorter segments of 15 seconds each.
To annotate, draw, or add stickers to your movie, select the,, or icons.
To contribute, go to the bottom left and select Your Story. Keep in mind that if you don’t turn the Story into a Highlight within 24 hours, it will be deleted.

Advice for Optimisation

Make your Story more discoverable by using popular hashtags.
Stickers may be used to urge visitors to interact with your Story. If you want your audience to put on their headphones before starting a Story, you may direct them to do so using the “Sound on” sticker. Sticking questions throughout the Story might keep the audience involved right up to the very finish.
Colours, a logo, and typeface that match your story’s concept can help you stand out.

A Real-Time Stream From Instagram

Instagram Live debuted that same year. It opened up fresh possibilities for firms to engage with their customers in the here-and-now. Live videos may now have viewers and commenters. You may also record Live broadcasts and store them as Stories, or watch them online.

Data Sheets:

  • MP4 is the file type.
  • Short videos up to one hour long
  • In a vertical orientation
  • There is a 9:16 aspect ratio in this image.
  • Instagram Live is great for showing BTS footage from brand events and promotions or hosting Q&A sessions with your fans.
  • It’s also a terrific approach to introduce time-sensitive discounts. Make sure that consumers have access to special discount vouchers before the live event begins.


A lot of people are paying attention to IGTV, Instagram’s first foray into standalone video. Unlike curated video uploads, IGTV videos may be authentic and unfiltered. Just like Stories, but with more room for imagination, these are an integral part of the game.

Data Sheets:

  • Which way does it go, up or down?
  • Length: 10 seconds to 15 minutes (60 minutes is the maximum for confirmed accounts)
  • Video files must be in mp4 format. picture in jpg or png format (cover)
  • There is a 9:16 aspect ratio in this image.
  • Minimum 720p resolution required.
  • Video files can be up to 650 MB in size (10 minutes) and up to 3.6 GB in size (60 minutes).
  • Cover Art Requirements: Ideal dimensions are 420 pixels wide by 654 pixels high, with a ratio of 1:1.55.


Instagram, a photo-sharing app, is a great place to share videos. You may build a dedicated following for your channel if the videos you upload are entertaining, informative, and interesting to watch. If you want to keep your feed fresh and your followers interested, you should employ all the video formats we covered in this piece.