How To Spruce Up Your Instagram Feed

Instagram has around 25 million active business accounts. As a result, you can understand the level of tension and competitiveness that all companies experience on the platform. They must keep creating Instagram posts that capture their followers’ interest instantly.  They work to provide fresh and entertaining content that captures their fans’ full attention. Along with that, you can choose to buy Instagram likes monthly for your content to elevate engagement. Therefore, here are some post ideas to help you spruce up your feed and create eye-catching content.

1. Connect With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is an excellent approach to liven up your Instagram feed.  You should identify relevant and appropriate influencers who consistently provide authentic, engaging, and amusing content. Subsequently, collaborate with them to generate new Instagram post ideas, which you may then produce and publish. This content may support the acquisition of new followers and expand your brand’s recognition and reach.

Chaos is a luxury brand that partnered with influencers to produce an Instagram feed that was visually appealing. Several images in their feed showcase influencers posing with their brand’s items. Their posts highlight the brand’s goods and mention the influencer.  If your business feed has a distinct look, you’ll want to ensure that the content created by any influencers you work with matches up.

2. Post Behind the Scenes Shots

Another successful strategy is to share behind-the-scenes videos and photos with your fans. Reveal your brand’s human side. They’re interested in learning about your workplace environment and how you operate as a business.

By removing the corporate veil, preserving transparency, and presenting the authentic you, you can earn their trust.  Would you want to know something exciting? You are not required to clean and edit these behind-the-scenes shots in the same way you do your other photographs. This will help in maintaining as much realism as possible in your photos.

3. Use Videos to Tell Stories

Alternatively to photos, you can also share innovative short movies. Short yet engaging films are an extremely efficient method to capture your audience’s attention.  The remarkable aspect about videos is that they can be used to effectively and impactfully communicate your stories.

According to research conducted by NewsWhip, videos have a significantly greater interaction rate than photographs. Engagement rates for videos increased by more than 50% between 2016 and 2017. However, interaction rates for photo postings increased by just 46%.  Thus, videos generate greater engagement than pictures. A video that is engaging, entertaining, and innovative will gain more engagement within a short time from uploading it.  Oreo and other brands brighten up their feeds with creative and fun videos. This enables them to capture their followers’ attention and acquire new ones. Their Instagram page presently has over 2 million followers.

Prepare a good publishing schedule in which you determine the quantity of photo and video posts you will publish over a specified period. To keep more organized, you may plan Instagram posts.

4. Select an Instagram Post Idea Theme

It’s critical to maintain a consistent theme across your Instagram profile. Consistency is among the most effective strategies for developing an Instagram feed that is both appealing and engaging.  Secondly, you should use only one or two filters across your Instagram profile. Apply these filters to enhance the quality of all your photographs. However, you should not choose such filters based on personal preference. Instead, they should be consistent with your brand’s values, image, and aesthetics.  You must develop a distinct look that is consistent with your brand’s style and identity.  

5. Make Use of Appropriate Hashtags

Using the appropriate  Instagram hashtags is essential to promoting and expanding your brand’s reach. All you have to do is make sure the hashtags are relevant to the content and match with the ones your target audience might use to perform a search. Ensure that you do not employ intricate or difficult-to-understand hashtags.

Final Thoughts

Every day, brands create new business profiles on Instagram. There is a considerable struggle for attention and getting new followers. It’s essential to develop fresh Instagram post ideas frequently, create them, and share them. Therefore, allocate plenty of time for this each week.

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