There are more than 2 billion monthly active Instagram users, and 90% of them are already following a brand account, so it’s safe to assume that you would have picked that one.

Instagram marketing capitalises on Instagram’s strengths as a mobile-first service for sharing visual material, allowing businesses to create multi-modal storytelling experiences that bring them closer to their target audiences.

Here’s our opinion on how firms may best use Instagram for advertising purposes.

Learning before making a purchase

Instead of focusing just on selling your goods, create content that focuses on the lifestyle your business can help customers achieve.

Consider how the end-user will feel after making use of the service or product. Which difficulties can be overcome? Why do people care?

Your brand profile, like the profile of one of our valued customers, Ikecho, should give people a sense of your brand and the experience they may have with your products as they scroll through it.
Instagram’s picture and video features, as well as Reels, Stories, and Instagram Live, give businesses a powerful arsenal of tools for telling compelling stories and connecting with consumers on a deeper level.

Here’s a short breakdown of the many ways Instagram may be put to good use:

  • Instagram Live: Streaming events in real time and fielding questions from fans
  • Evergreen content (material that isn’t time sensitive) includes things like how-to guides, top tips, amusing facts, customer testimonials, and lifestyle content and can be used for product launches, new offers, and other promotional purposes.
  • Sign-up forms, re-posts of articles in which your business has been mentioned, BTS (behind-the-scenes) photos from photo sessions, etc. are all examples of stories.
  • The skeleton of a successful online presence is laid when a company uses Instagram features to convey its story and interact with its customers.

Create a web — Captions are essential!

Although Instagram is primarily a visual medium, captions should not be neglected. Captions are essential in all fields since they provide content a more personalised feel and increase engagement.

It makes the reader feel like they’re looking through someone’s digital scrapbook while also listening to the author’s voice-over in their head. This has the potential to build much deeper connections with the brand than eye-catching visuals ever could.

Favorite captions:

contain hashtags that are relevant and have a high search traffic; provide more context/meaning to posts; provide users entertainment value; are succinct and simple to understand; include the most crucial information at the front.

Get in on the quick sales

One research found that 72% of sales were attributable to Instagram’s marketing, demonstrating the app’s considerable sway over customers’ purchasing decisions.

With the introduction of Instagram Shops in 2020, businesses will have a new tool to persuade consumers to take action. Instagram Shops simplify the buying process by cutting out some of the middle men. They may make a purchase without ever leaving the site. Assuming the user is interested, conversion can happen practically immediately.

More than two-thirds of customers have made direct purchases via social media, and this trend is only expected to grow, according to recent statistics from Sprout Social.

Search engine optimisation is essential

Brands may boost their leads and conversions via the use of Instagram marketing. By making their Instagram profile search engine friendly, brands can tap into this potential. When consumers enter relevant keywords or hashtags into the search field, brands with optimised profiles show up more frequently in the search results.

Identifying the keywords people use to find content like yours on Instagram is an important first step towards optimising your brand’s Instagram page. Try searching the Instagram explore page for a broad, industry-related hashtag (with the # sign) like “pasta” and making a list of the suggested hashtags that come up (like “#PastaTips,” “#PastaRecipes,” etc.). What your audience is searching for on Instagram, and the hashtags you should be using as a consequence, may be gleaned from this.

Start by analysing your brand’s Instagram handle to see where you can make improvements. If your company’s name is already well-known, using that as your Instagram handle will make your profile more discoverable. If your Instagram account allows for it, you should also include a keyword there.

Capitalize on free publicity

Free advertising and a huge boost in brand awareness may be generated through earned media, which includes any material in which people talk about you.

Earned media on Instagram refers to posts where users have discussed or tagged your brand’s account. User-generated content is another name for this. Brands may increase the impact of earned media by reposting the clip (and naming the original user) or highlighting the mention in an Instagram Story.

The Instagram algorithm heavily rewards accounts who regularly share earned media since it increases interaction among followers.
When a company links its social media accounts to the Digivizer platform, it immediately receives notifications whenever its name is mentioned. Then, they can see how their earned media performs in relation to their other channels, including paid, search, and organic. This provides companies with the overview they need to see which of their digital marketing strategies are bearing fruit and which ones need adjusting.