Businesses of various sizes saw an opportunity to expand their consumer base as the platform became widely used throughout the world and began advertising their wares within the app.

Instagram used to be utilised exclusively for advertising purposes by companies, but those days are long gone. companies who want to enhance their goods, raise customer happiness, and take their business to the next level can take advantage of one of the most popular Instagram trends: gathering customer feedback. The platform has 1 billion monthly active users, 90% of whom are actively interacting with companies in-app.

Instagram polls are an interactive Instagram Story sticker that allows your followers to easily offer their opinions by tapping on the answer of their choosing, making them a great tool for improved customer understanding, product feedback, and more.

Find out why businesses are flocking to Instagram story polls, and pick some seven tips for running your own. Let’s jump right in!

The Value of Instagram Polls for Brands

on 2017, Instagram launched a poll sticker with two choices, allowing users to conduct surveys on Instagram stories. Brands and regular users alike took notice. However, you may not know how to add a poll to your Instagram story. Now that Instagram polls allow brands to engage with their fans directly in the app, we’re seeing a rise in their use.

The poll sticker in Instagram Stories is just one example of the interactive content that 60 percent of businesses employ on a monthly basis. If you’re wondering why so many marketers are taking advantage of Instagram polls, these are the top three reasons.

  • Engage with your audience: Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, so there’s a feeling of urgency for consumers to check out Stories from accounts they follow. People enjoy voicing their opinions online, so incorporating a poll sticker into your Instagram post is a great way to attract the attention of your audience and encourage participation.
  • Brands that take the time to hear out their consumers’ opinions are more likely to succeed in today’s market. Therefore, it is essential to have open lines of contact with your customers, and the Instagram poll sticker is a fantastic tool to do just that. You should first learn how to post Instagram poll results.
  • Almost any company worth its salt would solicit client feedback in an effort to better serve its clientele. You can easily collect consumer feedback and personally contact a subset of voters to ask them more sophisticated questions by using the polling function and viewing the results in real time along with their names.

You may utilise the poll sticker in Instagram Stories to meet your business goals and maintain the interest of your audience. What are the seven most effective ways to use Instagram polls?

Get People to Pay Attention to You

One of the fastest growing types of content on social media is temporary or fleeting material. Due to the fact that 500 million people use Instagram Stories every single day, it might be challenging to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of your target audience. But the poll sticker is a fantastic tool for doing so!

Motivate Participation

Instagram polls’ primary purpose is to gather client opinion, but they may also be used to initiate dialogue and pique interest. By bringing previously published posts back into the spotlight, the Instagram repost tool may also assist to increase user engagement.

Take a look at what Booking has done. The organisation showcased the location with a stunning photo and informative post. The company then published it on Instagram Stories with a guessing game and a hint on where to get the correct answer.

Instagram Ads: How to Make Them More Engaging

In the previous several years, 25 million companies have used Instagram to sell and promote their products inside the app. Competition is heating up as more and more businesses aim for the same audience, therefore marketers need to innovate in order to reach their target demographic and attract more followers inside the app. So, they develop and execute Instagram marketing strategies.

While Instagram’s popularity grows, so does the quantity of advertising that flood users’ feeds. In order to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have interested, businesses try out several strategies.

Master the Art of Instagram Voting

As Instagram Stories continues to explode in popularity, businesses have more opportunities than ever to connect with their devoted audience and drive sales. There are several elements of Instagram Stories that may help your business, but the newest addition, polls, is a fun and interactive method to get your audience talking about your brand.

We have compiled seven best practises of using Instagram polls for company growth, so now it’s your turn to decide which method of audience interaction will provide the greatest results for your brand.