Just in: Vista Social now allows you to plan Instagram posts that include product tags.

This new function will aid marketers in developing streamlined processes to draw in clients and facilitate their purchases in time for the upcoming Christmas season.

Say goodbye to manually posting on Instagram now that you can add product tags, location tags, and user tags all in one convenient dashboard.

Are you prepared to boost sales and save costs?

Instagram: Product Tags and Scheduled Posts

More and more companies, departments, and organisations are making the transition to Vista Social in search of better social media management.

Instructions for making and releasing product tags:

First, link your Instagram account to your company’s page.

You will need to rejoin your Instagram business account if you already did so before September 30, 2022.

Vista Social now has to seek a new permission in order to enable product tagging, but don’t panic; this can be done in only a few steps.

Step 2: Write Up Your Update

You may add product tags to slideshows, pictures, and videos that you upload or import to the Publisher from your Media Library.

Vista Social’s built-in content discovery engine may help you identify relevant, high-quality material to accompany your post if you’re stuck for ideas.

Third, tweak your post to perfection.

Captions are not required for Facebook Reels, but if you choose to include one, you may take use of our smart hashtag capabilities to increase your video’s exposure.

Instead of making material in a separate app and then scheduling it for publication, you can do everything on this one convenient dashboard.

The Fourth Step: Insert Tags

Users, places, and things can all be “tagged” in a Vista Social update. Three simple procedures to properly categorise merchandise:

To edit your preview, click on your post.
A second menu will emerge from which you may select the item from your catalogue that you wish to tag.

Five, Set a Time to Publish

When you’re happy with your shoppable Instagram post, you can hit “publish now,” “add to queue,” “schedule at a specific time,” or pick from one of Vista Social’s suggested time windows.

All done! You may now publish your planned Instagram post with product tags.

Instagram Hashtags—What Are They?

Instagram’s product tags allow you to embed your product catalogue inside your posts (photos, slideshows, and videos) so that users can tap on them to find out more.

A company’s Instagram account may function as a virtual storefront, allowing their followers to quickly and simply make a purchase.

Instagram Shopping Setup:

  • Make sure your Instagram account falls into one of two categories: company or creative.
  • Make sure your company satisfies Instagram’s rules by reading their Commerce Eligibility Requirements.
  • Make sure your company has its own domain name for its website.
  • Find out if the market you’re in is one that we support.
  • Get your store up and running using Commerce Manager or a compatible platform.

Putting Instagram product tags to use: why.

Using Instagram’s product tags, your followers may go directly from browsing for an item to buying it.

To paraphrase Ariana Grande: “They see it, they like it, they want it, and they buy it in just a few clicks.”

Think about the impact on your business if 130,000,000 individuals visited your store every year. That’s the average monthly number of clicks on product tags by Instagram users.

In addition, you may learn more about what drives engagement and clicks when you use Vista Social to plan Instagram product tags.

If you want to schedule shoppable posts on Instagram, why not use Vista Social?

The ability to schedule posts on Instagram that include product tags is not provided by all available solutions.

With Vista Social, businesses are no longer restricted by factors like shop location and foot traffic, allowing them to broaden their consumer base and reach.

Using product tags, you can draw attention to the product’s most salient features—such as its description and price—without forcing buyers to leave Instagram.

If you want to save time, maintain organization, and expand your business on Instagram, go no farther than Vista Social.