Content for Each Medium

The majority of the material on Snapchat consists of text and video messages sent between peers, either as part of a user’s daily Story or in direct messages.

Instagram Reels, much like Snapchat Stories, can be kept private or shared with the world. However, you need to be featured on the Explore tab for your Reel to gain widespread attention. When this occurs, you will be notified that your film has been chosen. This may occur right after publication or it may take a few days.

Businesses are using Reels to market goods and collaborate with stars to create branded content, thanks in part to the addition of Shopping and Branded Content features.

Which social media site is ideal for content promotion?

For content producers, there are benefits and drawbacks to using each site.


TikTok’s software could be worth testing out if you have a very tight marketing budget and are trying to reach the millennial generation. Users can more easily discover your business profile, follow you, and look for your content due to the app’s design compared to Snapchat. Videos can be optimised even further with the help of hashtags and phrases.

If you need visitors to your website or don’t have time to play around with TikTok, you should wait. The platform is still in its early stages of development, so currently only select companies can embed movies into posts.


Advertisers on Snapchat will find the most success on the Discover tab. Although becoming a Snapchat Discover publisher through a partnership may be out of reach at the time, you can still buy advertisements on the platform that provide a visual Story to users about your product. These advertisements can even appear prominently in people’s Discover streams.

Ads on Snapchat Discover, in contrast to the longer Stories published by Discover authors, tend to be quite brief. This means that Instagram Reels and TikTok experiments could be useful if you want to make long-form Story content to showcase a product, service, or business.

Individual accounts have not been wildly successful for companies outside of Discover, as users still need to friend them to see their material. And unlike advertisements, companies can’t add clickable connections to this material.

Although the number of Stories you have to work with is limited, you still have enough room to exercise your creative muscles and quickly promote a product through Snapchat’s ad programme. This is especially true if you’re looking to increase web traffic, conversions, or prominence on a social app popular with Gen Z or millennials.

Instagram Highlights

The direction Instagram Reels is taking in terms of sponsored material is promising. sponsored Content Tags allow advocates to easily and transparently reveal when they are producing sponsored content, improving the process for both parties.

In addition, we anticipate more video editing tools and information from Reels as it continues to establish itself on the app.

How Users Act

All of these apps share a common goal: to keep users occupied for as long as feasible within their separate ecosystems. And as you’ll see in a moment, the data shows that consumers are kept interested in these apps.

On average, each Snapchat user spends 26 minutes per day on the app, and 2.1 million Snaps are created each minute. TikTok, meanwhile, has a daily average session length of 52 minutes, with 90% of its user population logging in multiple times per day. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day in the app, though how much of that is spent on Reels is unknown.

Despite Snapchat’s intended purpose of facilitating social interaction, an increasing number of its users are incorporating the app into their purchasing routine. A 2019 study from Snapchat found that, compared to Twitter and Facebook, Snapchat is used 35% more frequently by consumers during the purchasing process.

Businesses and content producers can make their Reels completely shoppable by incorporating Shopping features during the creation process. When a user clicks the “View Products” icon, they have the option to purchase, bookmark, or get more information about the items displayed.

Appraisal of Short-Form Video Sharing Apps

While Snapchat has been around longer, the novelty of TikTok makes it a fantastic place for ad hoc experiments, particularly when aiming for the attention of the younger generation.

Instagram Reels is your best option if you want to increase sales and collaborate with influencers. Instagram’s commerce and sponsored content features allow users to connect and sell without leaving the app, making it the medium of choice for influencer marketing.

However, if you’re trying to reach people in the business world, you should ignore these sites and concentrate on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter instead.