The Instagram Stories are defined as. This Instagram function has been very well received by users and businesses since its introduction in August of 2016. Brands have a great chance to connect with their customers by telling stories. Which Instagram Stories metrics are the most insightful to monitor?

Are you unfamiliar with Instagram Stories? You may show your Instagram followers a series of photographs and videos all at once using the “Story” feature. Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours before they are permanently deleted. Users may upload their creations and share them with the community, who can then provide feedback.

Here are a few of the most persuasive arguments in favour of keeping an eye on Instagram Stories:

  • 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily.
  • Eighty percent of Instagram users follow a company, and their content makes up one-third of the platform’s most popular Stories.
  • It’s clear that Instagram Stories have rapidly become a crucial part of any winning Instagram strategy for a business. Your consumers are on Instagram Stories; you need to join them. If you aren’t using Stories to connect with and entertain your audience, you’re leaving money on the table.

Due of the high level of human labour involved, I’ve found that many businesses aren’t doing a good job of monitoring Instagram Stories metrics. This post will explain what Instagram Stories are, why your brand should be utilising them, and how to monitor your success with Talkwalker Analytics.

To what end may a business utilise Instagram Stories?

There are several ways in which a company might profit from using Instagram Stories.

  • Brands may express themselves with tremendous originality through the medium of storytelling. The platform’s Story features allow for virtually infinite expression. In addition, if you know how to edit videos, you may take your imagination to new heights by making your own special videos with programmes like Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
  • Brands can respond rapidly without investing too much time in production thanks to Instagram Stories and its emphasis on quick, engaging content creation. With so little expertise required, companies can put their attention where it really matters: on presenting their own compelling narrative.
  • Brands may connect with their target audiences on a deeper, more individual level through the use of stories. A great technique to connect with your audience on a deeper, more human level is through the use of stories.
  • Many companies are finding that include brand Influencers in their Stories is a highly effective marketing tactic. Using an influencer to boost your Instagram brand strategy will seem more natural because to Stories’ raw, unfiltered format. A growing trend among businesses is to have a well-known persona take over the brand’s social media account for a day and post and interact with content on the company’s behalf. This development is expected to advance.

Nike is a brand I follow because I think they do a fantastic job of utilising Instagram Stories. They often provide engaging articles and videos, and include content from its influencers that provides an honest glimpse into the world of professional sports. The Nike Women’s Instagram stories from the recent Women’s World Cup were very beautifully done and true to the brand’s ethos. Some highlights from the Nike Women’s Instagram account are displayed here.


When it comes to Instagram, Talkwalker strives to be cutting-edge in its efforts to assist clients glean intelligence from social data. We’re still dedicated to making the platform’s social listening features the best in the industry.