The growth of your Instagram following can be accelerated by 70% in just three months if you hold a contest or give something away on the platform.

We’ve investigated this, so you don’t have to!

In our extensive, first-of-its-kind study, we analysed more than 60,000 Instagram posts to determine the efficacy of Instagram marketing through raffles, contests, and giveaways. Caution: the findings could surprise you.

The growth rate of Instagram accounts that host contests increases by 70%.
Get comfy with your preferred notebook and get ready to learn the ins and outs of running a successful Instagram giveaway that attracts new followers and encourages participation.

Also discussed are guidelines for posting on Instagram, information for organising a successful competition, and some fresh ideas for Instagram posts.

Include an Instagram giveaway as part of your marketing strategy to gain exposure to new users and expand your fan base. Why?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of participants may enter a well-organized Instagram contest.

The format of the typical Instagram contest is a major contributing factor.

More Instagram users interact with contests than with regular posts

They’re ready to bring in new likes and feedback! According to our data, Instagram contests get more than three times as many likes and sixty-four times as many comments as standard posts.

Rules and structures for Instagram giveaways encourage participation and attract more followers.
Check out your Instagram to see if you’ve recently hosted any giveaways or contests. Many Instagram giveaways feature requirements like “following” the accounts offering the prize, “liking” the giveaway post, and “tagging” a friend in the comments.

In fact, the vast majority of the Instagram contests we looked at followed some variation of the guidelines we found to be most popular. You can experiment as much as you like so long as you stay under Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines.

You must also agree that Instagram is in no way connected with, responsible for, or sponsoring this offer in order to participate.

Instagram competitions can also take the form of

To participate, just double-tap the screen.
Photo contests (Use a branded hashtag in your submission photo to increase your chances of winning)
Store-based photo contests (using a branded hashtag to encourage users to share photos shot in the store).
Prizes are awarded daily for 12 days, culminating in a big reward on the last day.
To sum up: The algorithm then displays the post to more people once they’ve seen it liked, commented on, and tagged others, and the cycle continues.

How to Hold a Contest

It’s less complicated than you would think to host a giveaway on Instagram. Take a look at these ten detailed guidelines for organising a successful Instagram contest or competition.

First, decide what you want to achieve with your Instagram contest.
Planning ahead is usually the most important step in hosting a successful Instagram giveaway. Before you start planning your competition, you should decide what you hope to achieve with it.

The most significant outcomes may vary from person to person, brand to brand, and business goal to business goal. Make a call on whether you’d like to:

  • Acquire a larger Instagram following.
  • Drive up participation rates.
  • Raising Brand Recognition
  • Attract potential customers to your sales process.

Your contest’s topic, regulations, and structure may all be tailored to help you achieve your goal once you know what that aim is.

For example, if you want to increase your fan base, this will guide your decisions regarding the contest’s reward, entry requirements, and long-term strategy for retaining new subscribers.

Establish the Goal of Your Instagram Competition.

Establishing a theme is essential if you want participants to submit entries by uploading photographs or videos to social media and tagging you.

Holidays, festivities, and other noteworthy events close to the contest’s launch date are all good sources of inspiration for the competition’s overarching theme.

You might even create your own contest prompt using a term that is directly related to your offerings.

Set the Rules for Participation

As discussed before, a terrific approach to get content for your Instagram Feed and Stories is to have participants submit contest-related photographs or videos using a branded hashtag.

This may not be the greatest way to break in if you want to achieve the outcome you decided on in step one.

You may make it as easy or difficult as you like for your followers to enter the contest.

Creating contest rules is a typical practise for those who want to increase engagement and follower count by holding an Instagram giveaway.

Determine Your Method of Winner Selection

The rules and format of your competition will determine how you sort entries and select a victor.

If you’re holding a photo or video contest, for instance, you may have a panel of judges pick the best entry. Another option is to utilise a survey to select winners.

Traditional freebies that require participants to “like,” “comment,” “tag,” or use a branded hashtag are slightly more measurable.

Every Instagram handle that follows the instructions to enter the contest in a Google spreadsheet is our preferred method of organising competitions and gifts.

Create a set of guidelines for your Instagram contest

Although it’s simple to enter an Instagram contest, it doesn’t mean there aren’t rules that entrants (and you!) must follow. Having well-defined rules in place protects both you and your followers from legal trouble, so don’t skip this step!

If you have access to an attorney at your firm, they can advise you on the Instagram giveaway phrasing that will comply with local regulations.