Instagram planners: what exactly are they used for?

You may schedule your Instagram posts in advance using a scheduling tool. When the time and date you choose in the app has arrived, the material will be published automatically.

You may save time and effort by avoiding the need to manually publish posts thanks to this function, which enables immediate publishing.
The optimum time to post is recommended by certain programmes. Hashtag statistics and recommendations are also provided.

A scheduler is a useful tool for organising and distributing your material in accordance with a predetermined timetable.

Free Instagram scheduling apps

One last thing to remember before we go into the list of resources: The Instagram API currently only permits automated publishing to Instagram from third-party apps (the tools I’ve outlined) if the Instagram account in question is a business account linked to a Facebook page.

Make sure your Instagram account is set up as a company before attempting any of them.
You may follow these instructions to upgrade your existing personal or creative account to a business account.

Make sure that your Instagram is linked to a Facebook page when you connect your social media accounts to the applications listed below.


Using Crowdfire, you can connect all of your social media accounts in one central location and handle them with ease.

Here’s how to plan ahead and schedule posts for your company’s Instagram account:

Launch the app, and select “Compose” from the menu.
Pick Instagram as one of your preferred social media platforms.
Select the photos, videos, or both from your gallery that you want to share by tapping the camera icon.
Include a caption and relevant hashtags.
A window will appear where you can pick the time and date of your publication.
Schedule your postings at the most convenient moment for you.
If your content meets Instagram’s guidelines, it will be published automatically.
Crowdfire will alert you to manually publish or edit your post if the photos or videos do not comply with Instagram’s guidelines.

Also, the hashtag manager lets you organise the most popular tags by topic, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Because of this, using hashtags in your Instagram pictures is a much simpler procedure.

A wide variety of other functions are also available for your perusal, such as content curation, mentions, Analytics, Report builder, RSS feeds, Social listening, Sentiment analysis, etc.

In addition to helping you manage your consumer base, naturally expanding your social media following is a huge time saver.


Instagram users are influenced to follow you or not based on the content and aesthetics of your feed.

When you have a strategy for your feed, it automatically gets you excited to develop and add more content to the grid, and it drives you to keep it up and running.

Preview is a useful Instagram planner that streamlines the process of uploading photos, selecting the best ones to use, arranging them just so, and scheduling posts.

Preview lets you prearrange Instagram updates and even auto-post them.
Already, you have the ability to schedule as many Instagram posts as you like for one of your accounts.

Here, we will examine Instagram post automation.

Select the plus sign (+) in Preview after starting the programme.
Here, you’ll select media from your device’s internal storage by tapping “Library/ Gallery.”
There is a “more” button you may use to upload files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or other applications.
After you publish a new entry, it will show up in the Preview section of your site.
To access the caption for a scheduled post, click on it.
Put in a caption and some hashtags if you feel like it.
When posting videos, you have the option of customising the thumbnail.
When that’s over with, it’s time to make plans. In addition to activating the “Auto publish” feature, you’ll need to press the “Schedule Post” option.
And with that, your work here is finished.


Publer is a one-stop shop for managing all of your social media profiles and posting schedules.
Publer allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance.

So, how does that work?

After signing in, select “Create” to start uploading media from your device.
Media may also be dropped and dragged with more ease.
The second step is to choose the Instagram profile from which the post will be shared.

Include any relevant captions, hashtags, and mentions
You may utilise the mass upload function to add many pictures at once.
You may then choose to publish it immediately, store it as a draught, or schedule it for a later date.
AutoSchedule, recycled content, and repeating publication schedules are just some of the other features of Publer .

Zoho Social

You may use a third-party app to access all of Instagram for Business’s capabilities.

Posts to Instagram from a business or professional account linked to Zoho Social require both the web app and the mobile app. Both the Zoho Social mobile app and the Instagram app may be used to publish your posts with whatever number of media assets you wish to upload.

Several Facts to Consider :

To begin, double-check that your mobile device is equipped with both the Zoho and Instagram apps.
You must have a strong connection between your Instagram and Zoho social accounts.
You must enable alerts in both the Zoho Social app and Instagram’s official mobile app.