Social media monitoring tools are essential if you want to keep track of your brand’s activity across various social media platforms.

Try out some of the free social media monitoring services before you start shelling out cash.

What Is Meant By Tracking Social Media?

Keeping tabs on various social networking sites. Companies utilise social media analytics tools to track where their brand, rival brands, and other subjects of interest are being discussed online. Opinion and sentiment analysis of communities and key opinion leaders is a part of social media monitoring. It contains many pieces of facts and data from the past. The point is to evaluate the situation and stay informed of major happenings on social media.

HootSuiteHootSuite: Social Media Analytics for the Enterprise

Keep an eye on and update a number of different social media accounts, such Facebook and Twitter. Build and share customised reports with customers and coworkers using more than 30 separate report components. Incorporate Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to monitor brand sentiment and follower growth. Communicate with your target audience while they are online by drafting and scheduling messages to be sent at optimal times. The HootSuite dashboard is available on your iOS device, BlackBerry, and Android smartphone or tablet.


Keep an eye on how your brand is being discussed online in real time. Any time your company is mentioned online, Mediatoolkit will send you an alert. The tracking of over a hundred million web references.

Tweet Index Rate Calculator

Googlebot will crawl and index your Twitter profile and tweets, making them accessible in Google’s mobile and desktop search results. The number of tweets that appear in Google Search has been growing. The Tweet Indexation Rate Tool does a Google search and provides you with information on how many of your tweets have been indexed, as well as your Moz Page Authority and the number of external websites that link to your Twitter page.


Brands, marketers, and analysts may use SocialGimp to get Instagram information.

Comprehensive brand statistics for your company. Boost your Instagram posting better photos and videos.

Superior hash-tag administration. Discover the most useful hashtags and save them in custom folders.
Compare yourself to others in your field and the leaders of your industry. Mark your preferred items!
With improved analytics and knowledge of your audience, you can create lasting change. In addition to the tools your brand need, SocialGimp also offers guidance in the form of guidelines, standards, and recommendations.


With Likealyzer, you can make informed decisions about your Facebook marketing.Examine the Facebook profiles of companies you admire, potential business partners, and rivals. Likealyzer will suggest related content on other sites. Likealyzer streamlines complex Facebook data into an easy-to-understand report. Guidelines, not just numbers. Likealyzer is a Facebook app made specifically for business owners, marketing firms, and social media managers.


BackTweets acts as a kind of Twitter time machine, allowing you to track down mentions of your site from the past. BackTweets is a web programme that searches a database of tweets for links shared on Twitter. All URL formats used in tweets are indexed, from complete URLs to truncated URLs to URLs without the WWW prefix. Discover how many people are talking about you on Twitter, who those people are, and what they are saying by using BackTweets, a fantastic social media listening tool.


Buffer simplifies your life by providing a better method for scheduling the excellent stuff you discover. Fill your Buffer at once, and the app will post your updates throughout the day. If you want to maintain a steady social media presence 24/7/365, all you have to do is keep your Buffer full.


BoardReader enables users to do searches across numerous message boards at once, facilitating genuinely global information sharing. Boardreader’s main goal is to provide its users with the greatest index of information possible. Questions can be answered by people who have similar interests to the user. Our mission is to make it possible for people to find and participate in “human to human” conversations online.


Determine the most successful content strategies for each given topic or rival. Find the right people to help spread the word about your work.


Followerwonk is a fantastic social media analytics tool that can be used to both discover and expand one’s network. Learn more about Twitter’s audience, where they live, and when they tweet. Get in touch with people that have a lot of sway in your field. Compare your social network against the competition with the use of visuals.


Pluggio is a web-based social media platform that makes managing and expanding your business’s presence on Facebook and Twitter a breeze. It provides a set of resources for managing many profiles, expanding one’s fan base, and automating the distribution of high-quality, relevant posts.


Sentiment is a community-based help desk solution. Brands and call centres can better connect with their consumers on social media and deliver superior social customer care with the aid of sentiment analysis.