Instagram is a potent marketing medium for companies of all sizes. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your business’s fan base if you’re not using Instagram to advertise it.

The majority of Instagram users (over 90%) follow at least one brand. A business Instagram account may be set up in a matter of minutes. After you’ve created your account, it’s time to start populating it with engaging material.

Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about capitalising on Instagram for your business, including the latest strategies, best practises, and essential resources.

2022 Instagram Business Predictions

Keeping abreast of the most recent developments on Instagram is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Creating highlight covers for Instagram Stories and utilising popular filters are both fair game. If you know what people are interested in, you can make content that will make you stand out. In 2022, these are the six most popular Instagram trends:

Video clips that aren’t very long

TikTok and similar services have increased demand for short-form video. When compared to TikTok, Instagram clearly wins when it comes to uploading videos, especially when such films are brief. Short pieces can be just as interesting as longer ones. It will assist your business campaign succeed if you incorporate it into your content strategy.

Content made by the users

Any material added to your site that wasn’t made by you is considered user-generated content (UGC). Any user-generated content, such as images, videos, reviews, and testimonials, is fair game. Ninety-two percent of consumers report placing a high level of trust in UGC.

Instagram accounts that regularly post user-generated content are more likely to generate sales from their audience. Successful UGC initiatives have been implemented by companies such as Buffer, Wayfair, IBM, and others.

Insanely Divvy Posts

The ability to feature numerous items in a single post is what makes for an epic split post. This style of article typically compares and contrasts two or more products with accompanying captions. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand’s offerings and pique consumers’ attention.

Buying on Instagram

Instagram has added a new shopping tool or improved existing ones, such as the ability to tag products in posts and stories. Any type of material that a company publishes can feature a product description, complete with tags and additional information like shipping, pricing, and return policies.

If a user clicks on a tagged product on Instagram, they will be taken to a “Shop” page where they may see all of the products available for purchase from that business.

Real-time broadcast

Although live streaming has been around for some time, its popularity has skyrocketed since the outbreak. The use of live streaming by companies to communicate with their customers in real time is on the rise. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your goods, address concerns, and connect with your target market.


Instagram promotion via micro-influencers is a viable strategy for many brands. The use of micro-influencers has increased alongside the expansion of the influencer marketing sector.

Smaller yet more active than their larger counterparts, these influencers often have between a thousand and a hundred thousand followers. They may not have the same following as a famous person, but their followers trust them more.

Establishing an Instagram Account for Your Company

A business Instagram account may be set up in a matter of minutes. If you already have a personal Instagram account (or quickly make one if you don’t), you can get started by clicking the settings symbol in the top right corner of the page.

In your account settings, click the option labelled “Switch to Business Profile.” There, you can expand on the essentials of your business profile by including a description, website link, and contact details. When you’re finished, hit the button labelled “Done.”

The time has come to start spreading awesome material. Instagram company promotion calls for postings of the highest quality to attract your ideal customers. Before posting your movies or photos on Instagram, make sure to edit them using a video editor and a photo editor to give them a professional sheen.

In order to gain more fans, you can use content like:

  • Images and video from the set
  • Exhibitions of merchandise
  • Advice pertinent to your field
  • Information that makes your business or its offerings intriguing
  • Feedback from Happy Customers

Including things like polls, surveys, and frequently asked questions.

Developing a plan and sticking to it with consistent blogging is also recommended. Companies can opt to post as little as once per day or as much as twenty times. The success of your company depends on your willingness to try new things.

Last but not least, make use of hashtags when posting. To discover trending hashtags in your field, check out Instagram’s “Explore” page. To conduct a search, open the app and tap the search magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner, then enter a relevant keyword. Keep in mind that there are some restricted hashtags that you should not use.

To Sum Up

Instagram may be used effectively by companies of any size. If you use Instagram for your business and post engaging material, you can reach a large audience. You can instantly establish your brand’s authority on Instagram with minimal effort.