Your social media marketing efforts will fail if you don’t use social media analytics tools. By using them, you may assess the efficacy of your campaign, pinpoint its weak spots, and monitor your return on investment. Analytics for social media platforms should be at the heart of every social media plan. It’s crucial that you understand your target demographic and the kinds of content they engage with online. Using this data, you may improve your social media presence and move closer to your objectives.

Now, you may get a wide variety of analytics tools for social media online. Based on their functionality and user friendliness, we have produced a list of the best social media analytics tools.


Its main social analytics feature is its ability to explore and analyse audiences.

SparkToro is a sophisticated analytics and audience research platform for social media. It gives you a snapshot of your audience’s demographics, hobbies, hashtags, and the accounts and websites they follow and frequent. As an added bonus, the tool will help you learn about demographic interests that you may have overlooked while developing your marketing strategy or creating content for your target audience.


The study of influencers’ insights is the main component of social analytics.

Marketers using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can benefit from using TapInfluence, since it is one of the best social media analytics systems available for doing so. The platform’s dashboard allows marketers to monitor metrics like brand mentions and industry leader status all in one place. Each user’s profile on the site has analytics data including a growth chart, follower numbers and interaction history. A marketer may view data from up to 10 distinct users or accounts on the dashboard at once to see how they stack up. TapInfluence’s “influencer maps” tool is a great way to find new business connections in your field. In addition, there are also:

Keep tabs on the frequency with which specific hashtags are being used to discuss your company and its products.
Analysis of the Audience: Examine the demographics of your content’s readers in addition to the places they’re visiting (or their IP address). This is useful information for future campaign planners looking to narrow in on certain niches.

Google Data Studio

One of the most important aspects of social analytics is the ability to consolidate all of your channel-specific information into a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Google Data Studio is a free, cloud-based reporting and analytics tool that lets you generate visualisations and dashboards from a wide range of data sources, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads/Insights, LinkedIn Ads/Insights, Pinterest Ads/Insights, and so on. All the channels you’re interested in may be analysed in a single dashboard.

The following are some of its features:

In real time, any modifications you make to your data will be reflected in your reports, and you may make those modifications right in front of your eyes.
Visualizations that pack a punch: Make reports that everyone can comprehend by using clear tables, charts, and gauges. The information may also be included into any presentations you create from scratch.
Customization: Create your own dashboards from scratch or use one of the many premade designs. To generate reports tailored to your company’s needs, you may incorporate data from third-party services like Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and other social media.


Analysis of one’s fan base and the ability to target specific demographic subsets are the two main pillars of social analytics.

Grow is an audience analysis tool for social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In this way, you may maximise your efforts to reach the widest possible audience by identifying the strategies that are producing the desired results.

Grow simplifies platform management, user interaction analysis, and the discovery of fresh expansion possibilities.

Here are its main characteristics:

Build’s algorithm identifies potential new followers based on their activity, allowing you to grow your audience with people who are actually interested in what you have to say. You’ll be alerted when someone unfollows or blocks you, and you can see how many people interacted with each of your posts.
Grow’s algorithm and machine learning technologies let you divide your target audience into subsets defined by commonalities like demographics, hobbies, and behaviour. In order to reach the individuals most likely to be interested in your brand or product, you may even generate new audiences by segmenting preexisting ones.


The primary function of social analytics is to keep track of and administer various social media profiles.

Managing your social media presence has never been easier than with Audience, a free application that provides a comprehensive solution. You may use it to keep tabs on your several social media profiles at once. It may be used to keep tabs on your rivals’ advertising efforts, identify key opinion leaders, and assess your own progress over time.

The audience’s intuitive interface makes even the most complex digital marketing tasks easy to do. With just one click, you can access data on mentions, reach, and engagement rate.